MLS stars describe what it feels like to score a goal

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MLS stars talk about what it feels like to score a goal.

- It the best feeling in the world, to score a goal. Is just a feeling. I don't-- I can describe it with words. But it's just the best feeling, to score a goal.

- For me, it's the goal. From the start, in the beginning of my career. I am a striker. I need to do some things in the game for the team. But the most important I can do is to score a goal.

- For me, it feels just as good as when I give an assist. I get so excited. I don't know what it is. It's like I play a team sport or something. But it's-- it's amazing. I kind of lose it. Just of excitement and joy.

- The best feeling is when you put in the net. And you hear that voice from the crowd, and also when your heart start to pump faster and faster.

- People expect you to score. So, it's my job. So when I come, I have to score, because the fans want me to score, and expect a score.

- It depends where it is, if it's away and the opposition fans are talking rubbish. It's just really good to run up to them and just find one and just stare at him.