Alexi Lalas: Here’s why FIFA members should vote for the U.S. joint World Cup bid

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Alexi Lalas gives his reasons why FIFA members should vote for the U.S.-Mexico-Canada World Cup bid.

- The reality is that, when it comes down to the joint bid between the United States, Mexico, and Canada versus Morocco, this is what I hope this bid committee for the joint bid is doing. They are going around, and I know for a fact they are going around the world, which is what you should be doing, and you should be meeting with all of these members. Now, Mossy, as you know, when it comes to the United States, in particular, we are not looked on, shall we say, fondly by everybody out there in the world, but this is what you have to impress upon when it comes to the membership. You have to go to people that-- the ones that are voting for you, and there's a lot of them out there, that's not a problem. But the ones that aren't voting for you, and that you want to lobby to vote for you, this is what I hope Sunil Gulati and all of that bid committee is doing.

They go in, and they say, look, you might not like us. You might not like us as a country. You might not like our policies. You might not like our politicians, but one thing that you do like, and what has been proven over the years, is you like money. And money-- and not in a bad way, not in a negative way-- you like money, and you like to have as much money at your disposal as possible to help the sport in your country for your membership.

If you vote for the joint bid of the United States, Mexico, and Canada, you are going to have more money than you have ever had in history. That money is going to help your country and help your membership. So if you have to hold your nose to vote for a joint bid that includes the United States of America, you do it. And you do it not because you believe it is necessarily the right thing to do for you and your political persuasions, but you do it because it's the right thing to do for your soccer and for your membership in your country that you represent. And you impress upon them that the money that they are going to be able to access after this World Cup, that it's going to be more spectacular and more successful from of financial position than any World Cup that has ever happened.

They are going to have that windfall, and they are going to make themselves and their country and their soccer better-- not themselves. But they will make their country and their soccer better from that money. So if they have to hold their nose, hold the nose, but vote for that joint bid.