Salah, Aguero, Kane: Who will impact World Cup more?

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Alexi Lalas and David Mosse discuss which Premier League forward will have a bigger impact at the World Cup.

- Alexi, we've talked on this podcast about this tremendous race for the Premier League Golden Boot this season. Sergio Aguero, Mohamed Salah, and Harry Kane all neck and neck. And all three of those gentlemen are going to be in Russia this summer-- Aguero with Argentina, Salah with Egypt, and Harry Kane with England. So let's talk about today. Which one of those three is going to have the biggest influence at the World Cup?

- The biggest influence-- now, should we say the biggest influence in regards to the results or the biggest influence in terms of making a splash? Because I think someone like Mo Salah, with what he has done-- he is going to be a star from the moment that he gets there. And he will rise above other stars, even big stars, because he is unique. He is in this moment. He is being talked about potentially going to one of those super clubs. So I'm looking forward to Egypt, simply because it has Mo Salah. And not only because it has him.

But if he were to be able to parlay that success that he has had individually with Liverpool, parlay all of that attention that's coming, and yes, parlay the success that he has had being part of that team and helping lead that team to the World Cup into a successful World Cup then for Egypt, my goodness. Because people expect Sergio Aguero and Argentina to do well. It's Argentina. England-- people expect it, and then they expect them to fail. That's kind of what they do. I'm not saying Harry Kane isn't important. He is incredibly important for England in terms of goal scoring.

But I think that if I look at this, to answer your question, Mo Salah for me, has the opportunity to make the biggest impact, the biggest global impact with what he does, because he is working with less than either of the other two.

- And one of the great mysteries in international football the last few years is why Argentina struggles to score goals in big matches. Before every major tournament people look at their roster and they base it on club pedigree. They say, well, the attack is great. The defense is going to be suspect. But it hasn't played out that way. At the last World Cup they scored two goals in four knockout stage matches. And by the way, with three extra times.

So in terms of minutes, it was the equivalent of five games. And a saving grace and why they almost won the tournament is because they didn't concede any goals. And remember, both those Copa America finals against Chile were nil-nil. They lost on penalties. And this last qualifying campaign where they almost didn't make it, their defensive record was great. It was right up there at the top, close to Brazil's. But they didn't score any goals. This is a country with Messi, Aguero, Higuain, Icardi, Dybala, Di Maria.

- But they miss big chances.

- Well, we'll see if Sampaoli is the manager to finally unlock that key. Because if he does, then the answer here is clearly Aguero.

- But you're not calling Argentina a defensive juggernaut or anything. They're not parking the bus. They're not sitting back or anything like that.

- No, no.

- They create the opportunities, they're just not putting the ball in the back of the net.

- Exactly. But if they can unlock that key, then the answer here is clearly Aguero. He's on the best team. They're going to go the farthest. He's surrounded by the most talent. He's the one likeliest, I think, to have a monster tournament. Salah will do what he can with Egypt, but it's Egypt. How far are they going to go? And Harry Kane plays for England, so he won't be around for too long. So it's got to be Sergio Aguero.

- Oh my goodness. You think? OK. All right. So I'm going to go with Mo Salah. You're going to go with Sergio Aguero. I know there's people out there that will go for Harry Kane. I mean, Harry Kane has the potential to lead England to a land that they obviously haven't been to since back in the 1900s.

And I wouldn't put it past him, given his ability. Because constantly when people doubt him-- when he first burst on the scene, they said oh, it's an anomaly. This is his first time in. Can he really do it continually? Boom. He comes right back. Oh, yeah, OK. He can only do it in England. Then he does it internationally. His next big step from a club perspective is going to an even bigger club, if he's doing it at Real Madrid.

But from an international perspective, if he's the one, if he's the savior that leads England to the promised land-- I'm not even talking about necessarily winning the World Cup, just that promised land of him scoring and scoring when all the focus and attention is on him, then you should knight him even before he gets back from Russia.

- I was slow to come around to the Harry Kane thing, but I'm there now. I mean, he is right up there with Lewandowski and Suarez as the three best number nines in the world. He is an incredible striker. And all jokes aside, yeah, he could have a big tournament and help England go far. He's a terrific player.

- Well, our coverage this summer, as we've said time and time again, we're so excited about doing all of the things, and talking about all of these stories. Obviously there's going to be a lot of focus on the big three with Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Messi. But there are incredible players, as we mentioned, and goalscorers galore, and icons when it comes to their team, and potential game-changers and potential players that can have an impact that's going to last well beyond the summer. And those are three of the players that we identified to keep an eye on going forward.

I'm sure you guys have your own pick out there as to who you're looking for. Either it's one of these three or somebody that we didn't mention. Go ahead. Send us your your picks for who you have your eye on this summer to make a big impact for the team and in that tournament.