Bayern Munich vs. Hertha Berlin | 2017-18 Bundesliga Highlights

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Watch highlights between Bayern Munich and Hertha Berlin.

- --very rare, we can say that Bayern Munich couldn't find an answer going forward. But that was the case today. Strong defensive performance from Hertha Berlin.

But Bayern still had a couple of half chances. Lewandowski getting in behind, early-on, Jarstein, with the initial save in Torunarigha, who you were impressed with today with the clearance.

- Yeah, I think defensively, that's the positive to take from this game. Bayern had their chances. This is the big opportunity here for Franck Ribéry. Wow. What a chance.

He scores that, completely different game, and they go on to win three or four. You miss that type of opportunity, and the body language just gets flatter and flatter.

They did create more chances, but this one here, [INAUDIBLE]. Lewandowski looking for record after record after record, misses a chance like that-- it tells you he's tired.

- And a free kick laid it on for Arjen Robben. Gets it on target. But Jarstein with the save. And Hertha Berlin with a massive--