Wigan Athletic shock Manchester City in the FA Cup for the third time in 5 years | 2017-18 FA Cup Highlights

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Watch highlights between Wigan Atheltic and Manchester City.

COMMENTATOR 1: Welcome back to our coverage of the FA CUP. An absolutely incredible result today at the DW Stadium. Let's take a look at the highlights.

COMMENTATOR 2: Well, this is a challenge from Delph. Originally the referee pulled out a yellow card, changed his mind and made it a red card. And it was the correct decision. Paul Cook clearly unhappy with it.

Him and Pep Guardiola also went at it going in the halftime tunnel. And why not? It was a stupid challenge and it could have cost a player his leg.

COMMENTATOR 3: And there was a stupid thing. Kyle Walker just leaving the ball. Brooks gets in front of him, the shirt. Serves him right to say that touch takes him away from Luca. But again, Bravo.

Any shot on target seems to go in the back of the net. I don't what Walker was thinking. I don't know why he went over the ball. There's no need to do that. But great credit to the finish. The Ireland international does that.

COMMENTATOR 2: It's inexcusable, right? From Kyle Walker. A mistake like that in a big game-- FA Cup?