Timothy Chandler makes it 1-1 for Frankfurt against RB Leipzig | 2017-18 Bundesliga Highlights

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Timothy Chandler scores his second Bundesliga goal for 2017/18 season.

- He can try to push the ball out wide as often as possible, although he has definitely come out wide on many occasions, even though he's supposed to be playing centrally. Oh, here's a chance! And it's timed and well made for the equalizer! Timothy Chandler, who almost scored with a bending shot just a few minutes earlier, levels the count!

It was a dreadful piece of defending, really. They had two or three chances of getting clear, RB Leipzig. But in the end, it came to Chandler. And it's 1-1.

- Good response and fully deserved. The corner comes in from the right-hand side. As you said, they don't clear the lines. It's a little bit scruffy. It's a lovely little flick onto the far post, and Timothy Chandler's alive. He just pokes it home from two or three yards.

- Look how many chances they had to get it away.

- Yeah, it was Salcedo, number 13, that just provides-- so was the 19 with a little flick. It was Abraham with a little flick towards the far post. It's his second goal of the campaign in the Bundesliga