Marco Reus returns from injury with a stunning goal | 2017-18 Bundesliga Highlights

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Marco Reus returns from injury with this stunning strike.

- [INAUDIBLE]. It's further forward. Gotze looking over to top, it's an excellent delivery. Schurrle gets in behind. Schurrle pulls it back. Looking for Gotze. Instead it goes for Reus. Reus goes for goal! Stunning hit! Back from injury and back on the score sheet! [INAUDIBLE]

- And what a goal it was. Terrific ball in by Schurrle. He does well. His first touch is good. But what a finish. What a terrific finish. Great ball hit by Gotze. His touch is good, Schurrle, especially on this pitch. And he ball played into Reus. Reus takes his time, sets it up, and what a terrific finish. He dips it over the keeper a knuckle ball. What a goal. Great strike. Gets it out in front, and the way he hits it, the way it dips. Unbelievable strike. I'm not sure how he does that one. And Schurrle does well. Gets it across. And he has plenty of time Reus. But look at this strike. Look at the ball, the movement of the ball. 1-nil.

- We've seen those kind of efforts from distance when it gets up and down. But inside the area, what a finish. So many issues--