Rochdale vs. Tottenham Hotspur | 2017-18 FA Cup Highlights

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Watch highlights between Rochdale and Tottenham Hotspur.

- Let's have a look at the highlights. And it was such an entertaining match from start to finish, gentlemen.

- It was. And Rochdale got off to a good start here. Harry Winks gives the ball away in mid field. It's a good break and it's finds its way at the feet. Ian Henderson with his sixth goal of the competition. What a strike, and what an early start for Rochdale.

- That Lucas [INAUDIBLE] involved again in [INAUDIBLE] very good 45 minutes in the first game. Wonderful touch. I think then, the Spurs are going to go on and dominate. I hope his movement was good. I thought his appetite for the game, his concentration was good to tuck that away.

- Penalty kick.

- Yes. No doubt.

- [INAUDIBLE], come on my friend.

- [INAUDIBLE] and was it [INAUDIBLE] going to be another outcome? I mean, this is a terrific penalty. He just smashes it low and hard.


- And there was another twist in the plot. Go on!

- This is the FA Cup. [INAUDIBLE] come on [INAUDIBLE] and he tucks that away. And it's an excellent first touch.

- Keith Hill's happy, isn't he?