Lucas Moura equalizes for Tottenham against Rochdale | 2017-18 FA Cup Highlights

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Lucas Moura strikes for Tottenham against Rochdale.

COMMENTATOR 1: -- bench, of course. Big names who can change things.

COMMENTATOR 2: Here is Sissoko in to find Lucas Moura. And Spurs are level. And Lucas Moura, in his first Spurs start, his first Spurs goal. And that has the Cup tie level pegging. And Spurs might just now have the platform to go on and win this tie.

COMMENTATOR 1: And there's a big name on the pitch who can change things without any substitutions. Lovely first touch from Lucas Moura. He's the investigator in move, isn't he?

That's a nice touch from Llorente. Sissoko sees the gap, sees his teammate, and a lovely finish, guided finish. Oh, but Josh Lillis this time could do nothing about it. He comes out. He doesn't fully commit himself. Yeah, he just holds his ground. Maybe, just maybe, this time the keeper could have fully committed and then forced Lucas Moura into that shot a little bit earlier. But great play from the Brazilian. Kept his composure on his weaker foot. That's a tidy finish.

COMMENTATOR 2: Well, Lucas Moura--