Ian Henderson gives Rochdale 1-0 lead over Tottenham | 2017-18 FA Cup Highlights

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Ian Henderson scores to give Rochdale 1-0 lead against Tottenham.

COMMENTATOR 1: -- just to shoot. Pull the trigger.

Humphrys's good ball here, now, for Cannon arriving here at pace. Cannon here to Henderson. Oh, well. The club bottom of League 1 lead Spurs by Ian Henderson's superbly-taken goal to 0. Rochdale 1, Spurs 0.

COMMENTATOR 2: Well he smashed that one earlier on in the game, Ian Henderson. That was a great opportunity. This was an even better one. A lovely pass through to him. And goal number 6 in the FA Cup. Just coolly tucked it past Michel Vorm. Harry Winks is guilty of actually overplaying.

Unselfish play. It's a great pass. I thought he was offside form the other angle. He's not. He's clearly onside, half a body width. Cool finish. Trippier can't get back.

It's a super pass to him. Worry about that. Back across the face of the keeper.

Now we've got a Cup tie.

COMMENTATOR 1: Haven't we just. Ian Henderson, goal 15 this the season. FA Cup goal number six. The captain leads the way for Rochdale. What a story here.