Sheffield Wednesday vs. Swansea City | 2017-18 FA Cup Highlights

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Watch full match highlights between Sheffield Wednesday and Swansea City.

- Let's check out highlights from an entertaining match without any goals. It started off with a nice handshake from a familiar face [INAUDIBLE].

- Yeah, it started out well for Wednesday, getting some opportunities. Reed was all over the place. Wonderful little touch into space. And he says, I'll take it myself. Gets the shot off. [INAUDIBLE] making the save. Off to a good start.

- The goal keepers would have a real impact in this game. This is the big talking point. Was it or wasn't it a penalty?

- It's definitely a penalty. He delivers the ball. Abraham gets shoved out of the way by [INAUDIBLE]. BAR was there at Stamford Bridge. It should have been at Hillsboro. You don't need a second opinion if you're a good referee in a good position looking at empty areas.

- Save of the game coming up right here, Alexi.

- Yeah, you don't need a second opinion on this. This is just a wonderful reaction save. Look at that.

- This is a great angle. It's behind him.

- Yeah. It's behind-- it is going by. He gets his big old mitt up there. Well done by Cameron Dawson there.

- It's a plus save from Dawson.

- Here, at Chesterfield a few weeks ago.

- This one impressed you, are you?

- When he come on, leading up, give him a little bit of class, a little bit of energy. Him and [INAUDIBLE] linking up very well. Good substitutions to come on, but didn't really catch that well enough to cause the goalkeeper a problem.

- What about Big Dave?

- Aw, speaking of impressive. Look at this guy. Big man, in and out. I cut you like that! The shot wasn't great. But he was all over the place.