SC Freiburg vs. Werder Bremen | 2017-18 Bundesliga Highlights

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Watch Matchday 23 highlights between SC Freiburg and Werder Bremen.

[INTERPOSING VOICES] ANNOUNCER 1: Johannsson, correct decision.


ANNOUNCER 1: Johannsson was on the pitch for Werder Bremen today as they travelled to Freiburg, and he gave away a penalty kick.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, we want to talk about him scoring goals, the American, which he's done lately, but this time he gets caught out with a free kick. He's got the wrong side. And it's more clumsy than malicious. It goes down, and Petersen, who's normally deadly from this range, tucks it away. Where would they be without this young man? He's an excellent player, scores wonder goals.

ANNOUNCER 1: 11th of the season, as well. He's done absolute fire.

ANNOUNCER 2: 15 Bundesliga, as well, my friend.

ANNOUNCER 1: Werder Bremen put on some pressure.

ANNOUNCER 3: Yep, shot from outside. There it is. Ooh, long distance.

ANNOUNCER 2: We call that lazy.


ANNOUNCER 1: On the 72nd minute mark, Thomas Delaney rips one to the top of the box.


ANNOUNCER 2: That one's called a--

ANNOUNCER 3: What do you call that one?

ANNOUNCER 1: Ripper.

ANNOUNCER 2: Delaney, watch out for him in the World Cup for Denmark. He is a player.

ANNOUNCER 1: Nice save from Schwolow here from Belfodil.

ANNOUNCER 2: Great name.

ANNOUNCER 3: Schwolow.

ANNOUNCER 1: At the 87 minute mark, another opportunity, and a penalty kick was awarded for Freiburg.

ANNOUNCER 2: Once again, no doubt. Good attacking play. Once you get yourself in front of the defender, they're liable to foul you. Big surprise there.

ANNOUNCER 3: We call that a miss.


ANNOUNCER 2: Look at the weather. Maybe he couldn't see it. He's got snow in his eyes.