Leicester City vs. Sheffield United | 2017-18 FA Cup Highlights

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Watch full match highlights between Leicester City and Sheffield United.

[CROWD CHANTING] ANNOUNCER 1: The Emirates Cup has this weekend reached its fifth round stage, and Premier League Leicester City hosting championship promotion hopefuls Sheffield United. It was Jamie Vardy in the first half who very nearly gave the home side the lead. Excellent approach play from Demarai Gray. And this was a coat of paint away from the post.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, he can do special things. Vardy's movement's good. There's also technical [INAUDIBLE] inches wide.

ANNOUNCER 1: And then we had our first shot on goal-- came from Wilfred Ndidi from range. And It's a shot that Blackman one would expect to save, and did.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yep. Modern balls move in the air. Nice cut across from Wilfred Ndidi. See, he cuts across it. Decent movement, good save.

ANNOUNCER 1: [INAUDIBLE] Sheffield United had it in the first half, fell for Enda Stevens.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah. Good ball in, poor header from Danny Simpson. Didn't do much for him all night, but brilliant drop from Harry Maguire.

Good ball in. Not the greatest clearance, but it's a bit of both Donaldson and Maguire, but wonderful bravery.

ANNOUNCER 1: Well, that Mahrez-Vardy partnership was devastating in Leicester's Premier League title success in 2016. Very nearly provided there.

ANNOUNCER 2: Absolutely. I mean, it picks up pockets, but Vardy's movement deserves special mention. You watch it-- just a little clever step back, and he just-- it doesn't get enough lift, that's all. Doesn't do a lot wrong, it's the right execution.

ANNOUNCER 1: On that late first half, Mahrez-Vardy combination didn't pay dividends. But in the second half, the pair very much came up with the goods. Mahrez's delivery-- look at this for a Vardy header.


ANNOUNCER 2: Well, it's always been the overlapping. You let someone overlap him wide, and Mahrez uses that ability. See, he gets an overlapping run from Danny Simpson. He uses that as a decoy to bend that ball.

But if you look at the height of this ball, or how it dips, he just curls it into an area. It's wonderful. And the header is absolutely, well, inch perfect. He just doesn't try to head it, he just cushions it back in that far corner wonderful.

ANNOUNCER 1: Leicester went in chase of a second goal, and very nearly got it through Demarai Gray, which produces an excellent save from Jamal Blackman.

ANNOUNCER 2: Lot of bodies in the way. He's a big man, Blackman, but that doesn't help him this time. Load of bodies. He sees bodies across his line. He hasn't seen it late, it's a really good save.

ANNOUNCER 1: One goalkeeper's excellence followed by the keeper at the other end to keep out George Baldock-- Kasper Schmeichel.

ANNOUNCER 2: It's a fine save, it really is. You know, he didn't have a lot to do all night.

But good pull back from [INAUDIBLE] gets a decent contact from Baldock. Enda Stevens crossed Baldock's, contact's good. It's a wonderful reaction save.

ANNOUNCER 1: Into the closing moments of the game, Mahrez was still pulling the strings for Leicester. Just flagged offside, as Vardy thought he tapped Leicester into a 2-0 lead. The replay showed Mahrez was just offside.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah. Maybe just an elbow offside. It's very close shoulder, maybe. Good ball again, great cushion header.


ANNOUNCER 1: So, Leicester City through to the quarterfinals. They had more attempts, they had more on target. But Sheffield United, despite having only 31% possession, put up a decent display here. Remember-- missing their top two goalscorers in the championship this season.