90′ in 90″ FC Porto vs. Liverpool | 2017-18 UEFA Champions League Highlights

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Catch all 90 minutes from the first leg between Porto and Liverpool in 90 seconds.

COMMENTATOR 1: Liverpool on of five English sides still in this competition in the round of 16.

Marega try to go for it, but [INAUDIBLE] looking. Shooting. It's deflected! Just missed it.

COMMENTATOR 2: Close call, though, for Liverpool.

COMMENTATOR 1: Getting through a block, Mané. [INAUDIBLE] big rebound. It's going to go in. Liverpool with a rogue goal. José Sá needs to do better. Nonetheless--

COMMENTATOR 2: Milner keeps it. Goes forward. Takes the shot off the post. Salah on the rebound! What a gold goal from Salah!

COMMENTATOR 1: And look at that.

COMMENTATOR 2: Even better watching the reply.

COMMENTATOR 1: There's nothing you can do, JP, to teach this. There's nothing you can do to work on it. This is instinct.

COMMENTATOR 2: Leads it. Firmino's in. Firmino saves. Big rebound. Mané! Goal! Liverpool 3.

COMMENTATOR 1: Good first touch by Firmino. A very good save down low by Sá, but can't push it wide enough.

Advantage call here. Milner's in. Can they add to the score? They can! 4-0 Liverpool! Firmino. The shocking result continues.

COMMENTATOR 2: --and the scoreline, and the way Liverpool have played. This could be the most complete game of the year. Mané hat trick! Sadio Mané!

COMMENTATOR 1: Well, it's his most complete game of the year. There's no doubt about it.

COMMENTATOR 2: What a game. How do you sum it up, my friend?

COMMENTATOR 1: Decisive. That's what I-- all aspects of the game, from the tactics from the manager to all three lines. They got it done today. 5-0. well deserved.