Mohamed Salah scores audacious goal against Porto | 2017-18 UEFA Champions League Highlights

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Mohamed Salah scores impressive goal against FC Porto.

[AUDIENCE CHEERING] ANNOUNCER 1: Milner. No foul called. Milner keeps it. Goes forward. Takes the shot off the post. Salah, the rebound! What a goal! A goal from Salah. Tremendous! Two nothing Liverpool. ANNOUNCER 2: Well there had been a hint of offside. That ball came off the post. We'll have a look at it. But when you talk about composure and you talk about a guy who didn't rush things three yards from goal, take a look at Mo Salah. [INTERPOSING VOICES]

ANNOUNCER 1: No panic.


ANNOUNCER 1: No panic in this game.

ANNOUNCER 2: --isn't in his description, JP. No doubt about it. But boy, that is such an important goal here for Liverpool. Milner with the first opportunities. He does a good job in transition and going right out the defense. Takes this one down. Turns and looks at his back force just sitting there. He makes one move, here. No. Salah is on side. And look at that.

ANNOUNCER 1: Even better watching the replay.

ANNOUNCER 2: There's nothing you can do, JP, to teach this. There's nothing you can do to work on it.