Neymar in, Ronaldo out at Real Madrid this summer?

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Grant Wahl discusses the speculation regarding Real Madrid's potential summer moves.

- May be lying ahead. We're joined now by senior "Sports Illustrated" writer and "Fox Sports" contributor, Grant Wahl. Grant, what are the chances that Neymar will go back to back Summers announcing mega moves, only this time he goes to an old rival?

- Well, Rob big changes are afoot this summer for Real Madrid. And a high ranking club source says that Real Madrid's number one target this summer is indeed Neymar, even though he could cost as much as $430 million dollars. For his part, PSG chairman Nasser Al-Kehlaifi is telling people even privately that Neymar will not be sold this summer, that there is no chance.

Now the feeling inside Real Madrid is that the club will not be able to get both Neymar and Harry Kane. Keep in mind they want to make more signings, defensive players and a goalkeeper-- could be Thibaut Courtois or David De Gea. Then there's the question of Cristiano Ronaldo's future at Real Madrid. The club source told me that that could be dependent on whether Neymar does come.

But he said that likely the club would not stand in the way of Ronaldo moving to a different place for a big payday. In case you're wondering, Jose Mourinho is telling people privately that Manchester United will not be a destination for Cristiano Ronaldo.