Higuain scores early for Juventus against Tottenham | 2017-18 UEFA Champions League Highlights

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Gonzalo Higuain scores in the second minute to give Juventus the lead against Tottenham.

- Juventus. He's going to drift that in and it's an opening goal for Juventus. Barely a minute on the board. Gonzalo Higuain.


That could not possibly have got better for Juventus and it's a disaster for Spurs.

- Disaster is right, John. But they just switch off on a set piece. You need to get into the game earlier. You need to be tuned in. And it's a well worked set piece from Juventus' perspective.

And Dele Alli is picked as Higuain runs off his shoulder, knows exactly where the goal is, and just hooks his right foot around it. Just on that last look there you saw Dele Alli gets blocked. It's a well-worked set piece and what a finish. Nothing Llorente can do.