Juventus vs. Tottenham | 2017-18 UEFA Champions League Highlights

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Watch highlights between Juventus and Tottenham.

ANNOUNCER 1: That took a drift, and in! And it's an opening goal for Juventus, barely a minute on the board. Gonzalo Higuain!

ANNOUNCER 2: But Dele Alli is picked, as Higuain runs off his shoulder, knows exactly where the goal is--

That's a penalty. Ben Davies gets caught with his body facing the wrong way, has to turn around. He can't see Bernardeschi.

ANNOUNCER 1: --to go 2-0 up inside of 10 minutes. Lloris, a fingertip, but not enough. Higuain's second.

--ends the sequence. Eriksen holding it up. Dele Alli, Harry Kane takes a touch around Buffon, and Harry Kane finishes. And this game back on for Tottenham.

ANNOUNCER 2: He times it to perfection, and the pass from Dele Alli to go with it-- just the weight on the pass. He runs off the shoulder of the center backs, and then has the composure to round Buffon. His head' up. He knows he's onside. Nothing Buffon can do there.

ANNOUNCER 1: Harry Kane's goal really changing the dynamic of things. Now could Juventus pull the rug out from them right at the end. Great touch, Douglas Costa. A second one-- a second penalty for Juventus!

He went to Lloris's right. And that one's off the bar. And that's the end of the first half.


ANNOUNCER 1: And will it be Erik Lamela, the 25-year-old Argentine? It's Eriksen, through the wall and in! A touch from Buffon not enough. And Tottenham, who were dead and buried after 10 minutes of this series--