Michy Batshuayi is off to a flying start with Dortmund in the Bundesliga

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Kate Abdo, Warren Barton and Ian Joy discuss Michy Batshuayi's immediate impact after joining Dortmund on loan from Chelsea.

- Hello, welcome. It's been an interesting weekend in the Beer Cellar. We have a new president of the US Soccer Federation. We've also had lots of soccer to watch in the Bundesliga. Which we covered as a course here on Fox Sports. Dortmund, let's talk about them because it feels like there was so much hype and so much talk about the fact that Aubameyang was leaving, the way it happened, how that would affect the morale, the chemistry, the performances on the pitch. Batshuayi comes in, we've all forgotten about it.

- I think he's been excellent. And you're right, I think it pulled the group together. The coach come out publicly and said, now we can actually focus on playing the game. The assist from Christian Pulisic was excellent. He looks comfortable. It looks like they can play with a team.

And there's a feel good factor. I think now the player has left who was a problem. He was a distraction to the team. And I think the fans have gotten behind the new striker and they're doing very, very well.

- I think off the field, The problem with Aubameyang was that he was just too much of a star quality. He had an influence of the field with a lot of the younger players that took their distraction away from actually concentrating on their own performance, concentrating on the team actually winning games, which is unfortunate because he scored so many goals for Borussia Dortmund.

And that type of character will be missing in the Bundesliga. But it doesn't look like they're going to miss too much, because Batshuayi, even though he scored goals, he's brought character to Dortmund. And he's brought a confidence back to these young players. They're all on social media celebrating this victory. And it's almost as if Aubameyang is not even missed right now.

- Do you think he goes back to his tweets on social media said, oh, Batman's gone. I'm back here. So that's sort of made a good affection for the fans. They needed someone to step up.

He was doing reasonably well at Chelsea. Obviously Conte didn't fancy him. But he's gone in there, took his chance, got the World Cup coming up as well. And I think he's lit the fire.

- It does, yeah.

- If you put character aside, which of the two would you rather have in your team?

- That's a tough question because--

- Neither of them. They won't be good enough. One's a distraction and the other one is not good enough in that respect. If you're saying if I'm a coach. Because I don't think, I think one of them suits the bill at the moment. Will they sign him? I don't know. But the other one is a distraction.

- I couldn't disagree more.

- Actually he scored in his first two--

- But I don't think he's good enough. I don't think he's good enough long term.

- For Dortmund?

- Is he going to go and get you 30 goals? Is he going to get you 25 goals? I don't think so. That's just, you've asked for my opinion. That's what I think.

- Well, he scored 3 and 2 so far in the Bundesliga. And it might be a league that suits his style of play more than maybe playing in the Premier League, where he didn't get as many chances for Chelsea in front of goal as he does at Borussia Dortmund, where now he's the focus point. He's going to play every single game.

I mean you could tell by his celebration yesterday. He's loving all this crap that's going on around, with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang going away. Now the Batman has returned to Signal Iduna Park. He celebrates with a flip. I mean his hair cut's cool. The guy's scoring goals. What else do you want? Love it.

- Warren wants more than that, apparently. Can we just take a moment to look at Ian Sox for a second. Because you've hitched your trousers up half way around your-- No, no. He's wearing them.

- That's the size of them. That's where his trousers are. He's got his little boy's trousers on at the moment. And that's these-- these have got to be a Christmas present.

- OK, no. Holiday [INAUDIBLE].

- No, the true story is that these are actually Stu Holden's. They're not tight enough for Stu's. Look at these. I left mine home and these are Stu's. So.

- Never mind, we're not talking about me right now, Warren. Our Bundesliga coverage continues next week on FS2. Saturday, Wolfsburg take on Bayern at 9:20 Eastern, while Sunday's FS2 double header starts at 9:20 for yours Augsburg welcomes Stuttgart. And then Gladbach hosts Dortmund at 11:50. Finally Monday, it is Frankfurt against Leipzig at 2:20. Don't miss any of it.