Florian Kainz curls in a great goal for Bremen vs. Wolfsburg | 2017-18 Bundesliga Highlights

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Florian Kainz makes it 2-0 for Werder Bremen against Wolfsburg.

--here in the Bundesliga, 77% of all shots have been saved. Kainz, he'll try and curl it to the corner. Oh, that is one of the best goals this crowd has seen in at least a week. They love every single goal here in Weser-Stadion. But Florian Kainz, who has missed a few sitters in his time recently, has scored a peach of a goal today to make it 2-0 just before the break. And once again, it was very quickly played forward. Then Kainz, as he did it again, he has a good touch. He plays the ball into Junuzovic and then it's great technique to hit the ball like this around Casteels right at the edge of the net. It's a great shot. And there's no chance. And it's hard to defend for the defenders as well. So--