1899 Hoffenheim vs. FSV Mainz 05 | 2017-18 Bundesliga Highlights

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Watch Matchday 22 highlights between Hoffenheim and Mainz.

ANNOUNCER 1: That one, we had two mid-table sides looking to get the better of each other in this one, Hoffenheim hosting Mainz.

ANNOUNCER 2: 27th seven minute, Serge Gnabry, quick little turn, pivot, pirouette. He finds the run of Adam Szalai, and a quick little touch, goes keeper's right hand side, as defender and goalkeeper collide. But watch Serge Gnabry, quick little turn, slots, great run, splits the two defenders, toe poke past the goalkeeper, and gives Hoffenheim the 1-0 lead 28 minutes in

ANNOUNCER 3: That was a great turn by Gnabry. Mainz did get back in the game, made it 1-1. But here again, Hoffenheim put pressure on Gnabry again with a great free kick.

Good ball back in. And it's Kramaric gets the goal in the end. Fortunate, but puts it away for a 2-1 lead.

ANNOUNCER 2: How many helter-skelter defending goal line opportunities are we seeing today. A few minutes later, Dennis Geiger gets his head up, top of the penalty area. Szalai, far post, goalkeeper gets a touch, pushes it off the inside of the far right post, and that makes it 3-1, 74th minute.

ANNOUNCER 3: You would think he could have done better there, the goalkeeper. Szalai gets his second. And in the end, to top it off, free kick by Kramaric.

He hits it really well from that distance. You'd expect the keeper to get a hand on it. But watch this, the ball knuckles. And it is a terrific strike there from Kramaric.