RB Leipzig vs. FC Augsburg | 2017-18 Bundesliga Highlights

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Watch Matchday 22 highlights between RB Leipzig and FC Augsburg.

ANNOUNCER 1: Well, the highlights here at Red Bull Arena, Leipzig coming in as favorite, but Augsburg coming off a very good result. Last week against [INAUDIBLE] Frankfurt, and a very good start here as well.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, Willie Orban, great little block right there. Good run from Gregoritsch.

ANNOUNCER 1: 17th minute. The opening goal of the match, and it came from Dayot Upamecano.

ANNOUNCER 2: Uh, Poulsen. Watch the way he gets up. Little bike. Good save initially from the goalkeeper. Upamecano, right place, right time, right back through the goal keeper's legs. Poulsen, full credit to the Danish international. Keeps it on frame, forces the goalkeeper to make a save, and it right through. To make it 1-0 17 minutes in.

ANNOUNCER 1: And he celebrates like that because it's his first ever [INAUDIBLE] goal.

53rd minute, and it was more from Leipzig trying to come forward. Vin again showing that pace and elected to go for goal himself.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, no real options initially. Felt like if he cut that ball back, it would get cut out. Kind of that slight little hitch, but good save by the goalkeeper taking away the far side.

ANNOUNCER 1: 67th minute. The ball comes out from Baier. Long range hit, curling, dipping effort. Good save from Gulácsi.

ANNOUNCER 2: What a take this is. The ball goes out, comes back in. Ton of swerve on that. Good save from the goalkeeper, just to parry it wide.

ANNOUNCER 1: I cannot believe his luck. And that would have been a big defining moment of the match. 70th minute at the other end. A little bit more luck for Naby Keita.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, it comes off the head of Hinteregger. And as he goes down to his left hand side, Marwin Hitz is able just to kick a leg up. Gets a good chunk of it. Unfortunately, pushes it into the roof of his own net. Naby Keita the fourth goal of the season. Roshambo. You don't get to wear my gloves.