Was Mauricio Pochettino right on his controversial comments about diving?

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Kate Abdo and co discuss Pochettino's controversial comments about players diving.

- So let's just revisit some of the comments that he made yesterday-- controversial ones as well. First in the midst of a busy stretch right now, they play Liverpool to a 2-2 draw this past Sunday with both Harry Kane and Dele Alli criticized for diving in that match. The manager has responded. This is what he said.

20 years ago, 30 years ago, it was like all congratulate the player when he tricks the referee in Argentina, but in England as well. You believe that in England you were honest and always perfect? Yes, we do. At least here. That is the football that I was in love with when I was a child. Football is about trying to trick your opponent.

Yes or no, he says. In other words, it's part of the modern game. So do we have to accept--

- Is it because it's 20, 30 years ago? That's when I used to play. And people used to do that-- people used to do it whether it's a defender or pulling shirts. It's always happened.

- You don't see this more right now?

- I think the biggest-- why it's come out more is because of-- these players have been called out and they're British players. I think that's the biggest thing that everybody's gone crazy back in the UK. People like Lineker, it's part of cheating. It's part and parcel. I played against Lineker, and he's going over quite easy.

So there's no reason to identify just because he's making a point. I think it's quite refreshing that him-- part to challenging our game because he's very astute of the game. He has a good understanding of the game. He's been a player, so he understands what it's like to play and he gets the best out of his players.

So I think it's quite refreshing when he's questioning what we're doing as a country in the game rather than think, well, we've got it right. We know what we're doing. In fact, we don't because VAR should be used in a lot of the games now.

- Well, first thing's first. Pochettino never says anything even though he talks. He never says anything. That's why this-- I love this because this was actually something that we can sink our teeth into. Whether we agree or not, there was actually something interesting in terms of what he said because he rarely says anything.

Now what he said, I do believe that there is a difference when it comes to cultures as to how they view it. When it comes to cheating-- as I said in the pre-game-- if you look at diving is cheating. For me, it's no better or worse or different than anything else. It's all cheating. When you have a professional foul, when you go in studs-- when you go in studs up, it doesn't bother me the way that I know it bothers others. The way I know it bothers at times more, we know that bothers Lineker, and a whole lot of people out there. It's not that big of deal--

- How would you feel if someone-- you went in for a tackle and someone dove over, went down, and got a-- and you know you've not touched him. What would your reaction be?

- Especially-- no, especially in the modern game, whether it's VAR or not, but especially in the modern game with the amount of cameras and everything like that. I think that it encourages players to be aware when they are going in. So I would go in with the knowledge that this could possibly happen, especially in areas of interest when we're talking about the A team.

- But I think-- so you're saying now defenders find it difficult to challenge because they know they're coming up against the consequences, and they might give a penalty way.

- Yep.

- They are defending. He's gone.

- And in that sense, you're encouraging attacking play and creative play.

- Or cheating.

- No, it's all cheating.

- Tom-ay-to, tom-ah-to.

- They're all sinners out there.