Carroll curls in a stunner to make it 7-1 for Swansea vs. Notts County | 2017-18 FA Cup Highlights

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Tom Carroll scores an excellent goal as Swansea routs Notts County in the FA Cup.

ANNOUNCER 1: Carroll-- Carroll's gone for it. Oh, that's brilliant. It is a magnificent seventh for Swansea.

The goals have been superb, from first to latest. Tom Carroll, with a curler into the top corner. Swansea City 7, Notts County 1.

ANNOUNCER 2: You're absolutely right. Some of the finishes have been brilliant. Plays a little 1-2 with Routledge, brings it back onto his left foot and just bends it around the defender. What a strike this is. Milsom tries to get tight, can't get there. Can't get it any better than that, right into the top corner. Again, Collin, the goalkeeper, absolutely no chance. Duffy tries to get his head in the way, and just pulls out at the last minute. They've been goals of the highest quality here tonight at the Liberty Stadium. He can't believe it.