Swansea City vs. Notts County | 2017-18 FA Cup Highlights

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Watch FA Cup highlights between Swansea City and Notts County.

ANNOUNCER 1: Swansea City against Notts County take two, after the teams had drawn 1-1 at Meadow Lane in the original fourth round tie. Well, the Premier League side, of course, firm favorites to book their place in the last 16 tonight, and so it proved. They were 1-0 up in the 18th minute, thanks to Tommy Abraham, scoring for the first time since October.

ANNOUNCER 2: And it was made by Narsingh. Lovely little 1-2 down the right-hand side. Picks out the right cross. It's a good run from Abraham, as well. Just uses the inside of his right foot. He points where he wants the ball. It comes his way. And a clever little finish.

ANNOUNCER 1: And Swansea did not have to wait much longer. in fact, less than two minutes later, they scored their second goal. A lovely through ball from Abraham. And how well-finished was that by Nathan Dyer? His first goal for Swansea for 2 and 1/2 years.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, having scored his goal, Abraham then provides the pass. It's a good pass in between two center halves that were a long way apart and didn't recover quickly enough. Then Dyer, running straight onto it, just opens up his right foot and passes it beyond the goalkeeper, Collin. He was excellent throughout the game, Nathan Dyer.

ANNOUNCER 1: And 2 became 3 10 minutes later. Having waited 2 and 1/2 years for his next Swansea goal, Nathan Dyer only waited 10 minutes.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, if you thought the other was a good finish, this was even better from Dyer. It's quite a way out. He doesn't try and hit it too hard. Narsingh again provided down that right-hand side, running into the box against Dickinson. And he just controls it by bending it, rather than hitting through it. It's a clever finish.

ANNOUNCER 1: Well, general feeling at that stage was tie over. But Notts County just made us hold onto that thought for a few moments, because Noor Husin, who scored from range against Crewe Alexandre in the Football League on Saturday, scores from outside the box again. 3-1-- a little bit of hope for Kevin Nolan's.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, they just started to go that little bit longer, Notts County. Ball played forward, they win the first couple of balls, and it's a good finish. See how he just wraps his left foot around it, and passes it into the corner.

ANNOUNCER 1: Notts County then looked like a team who really wanted half time to come. At 3-1 at the break, they might have had a bit of energy left for the second half. But it became 4 in the 3rd minute of first half stoppage time, with Abraham powering in his second of the night.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, he does exactly the same as Dyer did. Narsingh, out on the right-hand side. Abraham finds that bit of space in the box. And again, using exactly the same technique as Dyer, bends it into the far corner and beats the goalkeeper with pace and accuracy.

ANNOUNCER 1: Into the second half, and Swansea continue with their dominance. Kyle Naughton scored his first goal of the season, after a mistake from Notts goalkeeper Adam Collin.

ANNOUNCER 2: It is a poor mistake by the goalkeeper. Tries to punch with one hand, punches it back down into a dangerous area. Naughton actually does well to keep it down. Again, he has to adjust his body, gets himself on the half turn, gets above it. And as Colin's running back towards his own goal, he pushes it into his own net. But a good goal for the right back.

ANNOUNCER 1: So that was in the 53rd minute. In the 57th, it was Wayne Routledge's turn. Another one struck in from a little bit of distance away from the goal, and very coolly put into the goal.

ANNOUNCER 2: It was a strong tackle from Dickinson, who'd come across from left back, but it played it straight into the path of Routledge. And once he got it back onto his right foot, there was only going to be one ending, and that was in the back of the net.

ANNOUNCER 1: If you're keeping up, that was Swansea 6, Notts County 1. Goal number 7 came from Tom Carroll. Best of the lot?

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, certainly has a chance. Little 1-2. It was on his right foot. Doesn't use it very often, so drags it back onto his left here. Gets away from the midfield player, and then just gets it over the top of Duffy. And it goes right into the top corner. These are goals of the highest quality you're seeing here.

ANNOUNCER 1: And Swansea seized the chance, with the game won, to put Adnan Maric on and Dan James, for their Swansea debuts. And if James was having a night to remember anyway, what about that to really seal it? He's the player who made it 8-1.

ANNOUNCER 2: Watch the way he just backs away here to buy himself that little bit of time, to adjust his feet. And then he just slightly slices across it, and it goes right into that bottom corner. Great debut for him.

ANNOUNCER 1: It really couldn't have been any more perfect a night for Swansea. Six different goalscorers, 8 goals scored.