FC Augsburg vs. Eintracht Frankfurt | 2017-18 Bundesliga Highlights

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Watch Matchday 21 highlights between FC Augsburg and Eintracht Frankfurt.

COMMENTATOR 1: The second half of the highlights for this game. Augsburg with a corner here, as we pick it up.

COMMENTATOR 2: Yeah, the youngster Danso not far away from getting the opening goal. Completely unmarked. Awful defending from Eintracht Frankfurt today, and that should have been the first goal.

COMMENTATOR 3: Well. And more set piece action here. Falling asleep if you're Frankfurt. Fall's right to Koo. Inability to clear your lines. You can see it again. Boateng just hanging out. And even when he does get it, uh oh. A little out of position. And who's going to react quicker? Koo turns against the grain, puts it back in. Set piece goal.

COMMENTATOR 2: One of the only shining points for Eintracht Frankfurt today for me was the form of Timmy Chandler on the left hand side. Especially in the last half he was excellent. And that's another delicious service. Jovic with a chance off the post. That could have equalized things up.

COMMENTATOR 3: Caiuby. Golden opportunity. We're going to talk more about him. He had a really good game. But this one just fell right to him and he just shanked it out.

COMMENTATOR 2: I think even Rob Stone would have scored that one there. What a chance it was. And then of course the pressure continued into the second half. Another big opportunity for Heller. Should have done better, but good save from Hradecky.

COMMENTATOR 3: And then the big breakthrough. And once again Caiuby getting up big at the back post. And Gregoritsch. Look at this first touch here. Does he mean it? Nah. Look, you put your foot out there, things happen. But the spin and the finish a thing of beauty. He's happy. That's happy.

COMMENTATOR 2: Nine goals on the season for Gregoritsch. He's having a fine campaign. Salcedo.


COMMENTATOR 2: Giving up possession of the ball. It's awful defending again. Another example of it from Eintracht Frankfurt. And Richter gets his first ever Bundesliga goal in fashion. Doesn't quite know how to celebrate.



COMMENTATOR 3: Oh my God. Great goal. Horrible slide. Horrible.


COMMENTATOR 1: Let's take a look at what that does to the table. Frankfurt unable to take advantage of that opportunity to claim second place in the standings. Just one point now separating second and fifth place. It is so tight. Thanks to today's win Augsburg jumping into seventh place in the table. They are just two points shy of a Europa League spot.