FSV Mainz 05 vs. Bayern Munich | 2017-18 Bundesliga Highlights

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Watch Matchday 21 highlights between Mainz and Bayern Munich.

STUART HOLDEN: 3 for Bremen away at Schalke, 2-1.

HOST: Yeah, that is a fantastic 3 points for Bremen. What about this one? Mainz up again Bayern.

ALEXI LALAS: Well, Mainz is going to go back and just scratch their head. Because they didn't play poorly. But when you're playing one of the best teams in the world with talent all over the place, Ribéry puts it in. James off the chest. They just need a couple of opportunities.

STUART HOLDEN: So good. Can we work on something like that, Alexi?

HOST: It feels like something that you would do, Stu.

STUART HOLDEN: Oh yeah. I absolute-- we'll work on one later. And then, from there, the Bayern defense. And how good is Sven Ulreich been? I think it's gone under the radar how good he has been deputizing for Neuer. And it'd be a shame, because initially, he was getting a lot of flak. And he's been very solid in the nets for them.