Hannover 96 vs. VfL Wolfsburg | 2017-18 Bundesliga Highlights

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Watch highlights between Hannover 96 and VfL Wolfsburg.

COMMENTATOR 1: The big Lower Saxony Derby is under way. Unbeaten in 2018, Hanover 96 host their neighbors from down the road from the auto city of Wolfsburg. Yunus Malli, Casteels, Sane, a dummy and a decent cross as well! Good save by Tschauner. The closest we've come to a goal so far.

COMMENTATOR 2: It could be a key match up on that right side of the pitch for Hanover. Oliver Sorg, who isn't the fastest of players any more, and you're looking at Tisserand, another player who does have some pace, so we saw there. Could be an advantage for Wolfsburg, what we followed.

COMMENTATOR 1: Schwegler, hohanna the second corner of the evening and Fullkrug! Were not given another chance. Here he is again, group volley, get it up first before the defenders. Just unlucky.

COMMENTATOR 1: Wolfsburg continue to press forward with Yunis Malli. Malli from long range! Spectacular! Sensational strike by Yunis Malli. He's been quiet for 17 minutes and then pops up with a stroke of genius. A goal to settle any encounter.

COMMENTATOR 2: Really easy stuff from here. Pretty central. Ball is kind of knuckling a little bit. But I think if Tschauner is all for themselves, he has got to do a little better with that one. I think that was definitely within his range. But certainly no excuse there, nothing in any pressure on Yunis Mali. And he's known that he has a good shot, although he needs to be pressured there. What strike. I never been to that ball.

COMMENTATOR 1: [INAUDIBLE]. Karaman, turns, and Bebou off the block! Glorious opportunity for Hanover. Bebou cannot believe his luck.

COMMENTATOR 2: Excellent play here. Nifty little ball from Kenan. Just unlucky that finish. He's done ever so well using the inside of his foot, getting enough pace on it, and hitting the crossbar. So unlucky there for Hanover.

COMMENTATOR 1: The home side just centimeters away from an equalizer.