VfB Stuttgart vs. FC Schalke 04 | 2017-18 Bundesliga Highlights

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Watch Matchday 20 highlights between Stuttgart and Schalke.

[INAUDIBLE] KATE ABDO: An absolutely vital point for Hamburg there at the bottom of the table. Koln faced-- no, sorry, Stuttgart against Schalke. Let's take a look at that one.

WARREN BARTON: Yeah, and they got a big result from their big man at the back, Naldo. Good delivery. Good header. And they're the ones who really benefited today, [INAUDIBLE] Bayern Munich. But watch this for a tackle. Ian Joy would've been a fan of that.


WARREN BARTON: Ian Joy would've said play on.


ALEXI LALAS: No protruding rib, so play on.

WARREN BARTON: That was nice and cool. Stuttgart had a bit of leave of life since Mario Gomez has gone there, but not to be. It's always difficult when you got that much time. Are you composed enough? Nope, misses the target.

ALEXI LALAS: Clear your lines, Konoplyanka. Naldo again.

WARREN BARTON: Yeah. Good save. Clean sheet, three points. That's all that matters.