Peterborough United vs. Leicester City | 2017-18 FA Cup Highlights

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Watch full match highlights between Peterborough United and Leicester City.

KATE ABDO: And earlier on in the day on here on on FS1 it was Peterborough up against Leicester.

ALEXI LALAS: And it was all Leicester from start to finish, goal after goal.

Diabate you can see gets his first start. Watch this first touch, and watch the speed right off the bat into this space. He just shoots the gap, and then a nice little toe poke to that far post.

WARREN BARTON: It's nice when your first signing does that isn't it, when your signing--

ALEXI LALAS: Coach is happy.

WARREN BARTON: Given away. Ihenacho, wonderful finish. Took a couple little skips in front. Uses Steven Taylor as a screen before it goes into the bottom of the net. They were really just ruthless in front of goal in the first 45 minutes. They made a few changes, but real quality. You like this, don't you?

ALEXI LALAS: Just speaking of quality, look at this ball in from Fuchs. He gets his head up, takes a nice little look, and then just curls it around the moon and back. And Ihenacho, just close your eyes and put your foot out. It is going in. But what a ball. What a ball.


WARREN BARTON: Did you ever have a parka, one of them coats? You wouldn't know [INTERPOSING VOICES]. But second half, obviously had a big talk to them at halftime, and have a go. Give the fans something to cheer about. They reacted well. A little bit sloppy by Leicester on the far post. But that was a finish. Subs come on to make a change, get a little bit of movement.

ALEXI LALAS: Don't give up on the play. Oh, look what I found.

WARREN BARTON: He made an immediate impact. The fans are going to love him. 22 years of age.

ALEXI LALAS: One more is good, right? Speed, quickness.


KATE ABDO: So big win--