FC Koln vs. FC Augsburg | 2017-18 Bundesliga Highlights

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Watch Matchday 20 highlights between FC Koln and FC Augsburg.

KATE ABDO: --doing nicely enough this season. Koln hosted Augsburg. Let's take a look at this one.


ALEXI LALAS: Oh, there's a nice gift.

WARREN BARTON: He's been on fire as well since he's come over. A couple of late goals. A couple the other week. But what about this for a strike.

ALEXI LALAS: That thing-- that is moving.

WARREN BARTON: Look at the body shape.

ALEXI LALAS: Up and down, over a jumping wall, and the keeper even gets a touch on it, Milos Jojic.

WARREN BARTON: Big surprise, though. [INAUDIBLE] hold on to that again. Your favorite, set pieces. Look at the way--

ALEXI LALAS: And a big hair. And a big hair getting up high. Love it.

WARREN BARTON: Like a salmon he was.

KATE ABDO: It's disappointing, though. Koln could've take advantage of that one.

Let's take look at the standings, see how things look. Top half of the table, first of all, Bayern Munich able to preserve their 16-point lead at the top. 16 points is absolutely whopping. Schalke back in second place, whilst Dortmund still hoping to secure a Champions League berth, but they find themselves outside of the top four.

Some movement in the bottom half of the table as well. Stuttgart remaining dangerously close to the relegation zone. Koln, who not long ago looked destined for the drop, are showing signs maybe that they might perhaps just survive.