RB Leipzig vs. Hamburger SV | 2017-18 Bundesliga Highlights

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Watch Matchday 20 highlights between RB Leipzig and Hamburg.

KATE ABDO: OK, let's move on to more highlights from today. Leipzig hosted Hamburg.

WARREN BARTON: Bobby Wood's in.

KATE ABDO: Another man we like to see on this show.

WARREN BARTON: There's so many of them.

KATE ABDO: If I may say so.

WARREN BARTON: What about this for a delivery? Far post. Portuguese international backs up, just puts enough power. Maybe gets a little bit of luck. Bruma-- look at the strength there from his neck and his torso to put that into the back of the net.

ALEXI LALAS: Coming back. Coming back.

WARREN BARTON: They score goals, but they can't defend.

ALEXI LALAS: Touch here. I'm gonna fake the shot and then I'm going to cut you. I will cut you.

WARREN BARTON: The whole stadium went there, didn't they?

ALEXI LALAS: Yep. Everyone said oh, fake.

WARREN BARTON:Maybe at that point.

KATE ABDO: Yeah, I was going to say.