Bayern Munich vs. 1899 Hoffenheim | 2017-18 Bundesliga Highlights

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Watch Matchday 20 highlights between Bayern Munich and Hoffenheim.

COMMENTATOR 1: Let's take a look at the highlights from Munich and here we go. Serge Gnabry, what a game he had.

COMMENTATOR 2: Wonderful, wonderful, the way they started it off, gets him behind, takes the clip from Kimmich.

COMMENTATOR 3: You happy with that?

COMMENTATOR 2: Yeah! It's a penalty. Absolutely. I mean, let's be honest, Bayern Munich, they might have been out last night because they were not in it for the first 20 minutes. This is it. Follow up. Flying. Hoffenheim's flying. Just the way I drew it up, right?

COMMENTATOR 1: And Gnabry doing a good job of recommending himself to his parent club as well isn't he?

COMMENTATOR 3: Yep here he comes again. It's a little reminder that we get him back any time they like next season. Wonderful strike.

COMMENTATOR 2: Authorit-ay. Look at this.

COMMENTATOR 3: Bit of anger.

COMMENTATOR 2: Lashes it.

COMMENTATOR 1: Authorit-ay?


COMMENTATOR 2: I'll explain it to you later.

COMMENTATOR 3: Thank you. Put it on a postcard. Let's play on for Colin.


COMMENTATOR 3: Look at this for a touch. Whoa. Beautiful.

COMMENTATOR 2: You've angered him. You have angered them.

COMMENTATOR 3: Yeah, you've upset him.

COMMENTATOR 2: Lewandowsky sneaking in. Oh, look at you. Goal score.

COMMENTATOR 3: Now they're starting to wake up.

COMMENTATOR 2: I'll take it. All right you guys awake? We're awake. We'll score in all different ways. Run a play, no problem. Set piece, no problem. Big man coming up--

COMMENTATOR 3: No problem.

COMMENTATOR 2: 2-2 look out! Remember when, remember when Hoffenheim was winning?

COMMENTATOR 3: Uh, can't see the coach there.

COMMENTATOR 2: It was such a quaint time.

COMMENTATOR 3: That's right. Because you played well, I'm going to give you a goal.

COMMENTATOR 2: Scoop Think he's gonna hit with the left, no. Headed back to the right. Route. Route is on. Route is on.

COMMENTATOR 3: And they're not finished yet.

COMMENTATOR 2: No. They'll keep going. That's what they do. They're Bayern Munich.

COMMENTATOR 3: Ball gets caught in the wrong side. And the Frenchman tucks it away. Another set piece. [INAUDIBLE] a little reminder of how good he is.

COMMENTATOR 2: Do we need-- do we need goal light technology?

COMMENTATOR 3: Well, just in case--

COMMENTATOR 2: Let's just see it if we don't--

COMMENTATOR 3: In case out eyes are not very good.

COMMENTATOR 2: We can see it. There we go.

COMMENTATOR 3: Is it the whole ball?

COMMENTATOR 2: Oh yeah. It's two balls. There we go, in. It's pretty. Pretty! Look how pretty it is. It's in! Thank you. He knew it. He didn't need that. I don't need your technology!

COMMENTATOR 3: [INAUDIBLE] does need a goal. Bagged that.

COMMENTATOR 2: Is this a goal? Is this-- I mean, it counts.

COMMENTATOR 3: And he did celebrate. He wasn't gonna just--

COMMENTATOR 2: The magic thigh. Back of the neck.

COMMENTATOR 3: Yes. Great day at the office.

COMMENTATOR 1: Let's take a look at the stats. After 90 minutes of play in that game, here go. Warren, what'd you see?

COMMENTATOR 3: Again, there's challengers that they won, they really dominated the game even though they got a poor start. A percentage there. But look at the shots-- 22 and 10 of them on target. Efficient. Quality. They are getting stronger and stronger.