Nils Petersen stuns Dortmund with spectacular long-range goal | 2017-18 Bundesliga Highlights

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Watch Nils Petersen score one of the goals of the season to give Freiburg the lead against Dortmund.

ANNOUNCER: Sancho got the first touch. Got it away from Kubler. Well anticipated by Petersen. That's one of the goals of the season if I'd ever seen one. The skill, the accuracy, and the execution of Nils Petersen has been on level terms with anyone out there today. Every effort he's had has been superb and that one was one of his best.

You cannot learn that kind of natural instincts. He knew where the ball was, he knew where the goal was, he knew where the keeper was. And Freiberg have the leads. Anticipated Sahin's ball back, anticipated where Burki would be. Fabulous, fabulous goal from Nils Petersen.