Bayern’s quality was too much for Werder Bremen on Matchday 19 in the Bundesliga

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Kate Abdo, Keith Costigan, Warren Barton, Jovan Kirovski and Ian Joy break down Sunday's exciting match between Werder Bremen and Bayern Munich.

- Hello everybody! Welcome along to a packed beer cellar. We've just finished watching Bayern take on Bremen. Of course, Ian and Keith called the game for us. We welcome into the beer cellar as well. Welcome along. Could've dressed for the occasion, couldn't you, boys?

- Well, we were not told we were going to be on camera. We certainly would have. But I--

- As long as I Iook better than him, that's all I care about.

- Oh you're looking sharp, Pete, don't worry.

- Yeah, OK. So, thoughts on this game. Because I know what these boys thought because I've been speaking to them the whole time. What about you guys?

- I thought it was an entertaining game. I mean, let's-- Werder Bremen and looked like they're going to be OK in the Bundesliga. And it's very tight at the bottom of the table, but Bayern doing what champions do best. They find a way to win and even though they weren't there very best, Lewandowski had two really good chances. He scored two really good goals. And that for me was the difference between the two sides. But the goalkeeper should have done better on the 3-2 goal. But Bayern Munich are just too good in the Bundesliga. And teams will always find it difficult to get points from the [INAUDIBLE].

- This is the Bremen that could stay up though, isn't it?

- Yeah, I think what you saw today, you saw a side that are getting better going forward. They made 14 goals coming in to the day. They scored two against a very good team, defensively. And they created all the chances. But, I think you have to get other forwards in. It's can't be just about Max Cruiser. Beyond that, I don't know. They're in 16th-- they're 4 points off seven-- 15th position. It's going to be difficult for them.

- Well, they've got enough class. They've showed they're to go there and push the game and pull into it. But like you said, when you've got Lewandowski and Thomas Muller with his character, and they just have this aura now, with him as a coach, that they going to of win games. Now whether it's difficult, whether it's the opposition making it hard for them, just by Munich have this conference in the game. Watch out for them and you said that in the game. Watch out for them in the Champions League.

- Jovan, by the way, was particularly proud of himself for having picked Lewandowski and Muller as players to watch in this game.

- Not exactly a difficult pick.

- No it's not.

- If you remember, it was actually both of us.

- Yes, we both did. We both did. Well, Lewandowski again showed his true class. The best striker in the world, for us and he showed it again with his two great headers. Thomas Muller's back and forth.

- You went with Boateng. You said he was going to [INAUDIBLE].

- I did not say.

- Oh look at you on the defensive!

- He made a great pass.

- Oh I'm so glad Sunday's over. Everybody, plenty more Bundesliga action next week for you as well. Beginning with Friday, Frankfurt hosting Monchengladbach. That one's on FS2. Then on Saturday we're going to start with Bayern welcome Hoffenheim at 9:30 AM eastern on FS1 followed by Eintracht's trip to Werder Bremen on FS2. We'll see you for that.