Hertha Berlin vs. Borussia Dortmund | 2017-18 Bundesliga Highlights

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Watch highlights between Hertha Berlin and Borussia Dortmund.

- At the highlights from the first half of this one, we'll pick it up with Dortmund on the attack.

- There was a very glimpses of this, Pulisic again a that right hand side. Wonderful delivery. But just a slightly hyper. [INAUDIBLE] Good. Nice quality. At least they're getting numbers in the box. That's [INAUDIBLE] very difficult to break down here.

- I think it's safe to say they're missing that star forward [INAUDIBLE] Borussia Dortmund, as are Hertha Berlin. I mean, again, their left crosses into the box to try and create their chances. This one was a half chance for Nicolas Stark. He's gone backwards. No efforts on goal, was disappointing.

- We're scoreless, first half. Let's pick it up in the second.

- Wonderful delivery. It's-- Ian Joy rightly said that the pace of the ball, the weight of the ball. And it's perfect for the start. I always felt Dortmund was a little bit lethargic in the first 45 minutes. And then a touch, and they say, why on earth would you just leave the ball, just stand your ground, and let-- I think there was enough-- even if he just stopped, he might just have blocked the defender off.

- Yeah.

- That would have made it 2-nil. Then it's possibly game over, then.

- Yeah. I think so too. I think if they scored that goal, it's game over. Borussia Dortmund don't get back into the game. Credit to Shinji here. His recovery after the initial losing out of the challenge is fantastic. He gets his head up. He does all of the right things. Great cross.

- He was brilliant in the second half. The young boy.