Leicester City vs. Fleetwood Town | 2017-18 FA Cup Highlights

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Watch highlights from the FA Cup Third Round replay between Leicester City and Fleetwood Town.

ANNOUNCER 1: A look back the highlights of this epic third-round replay. First time Fleetwood Town have ever been to the home of a premier league team. And they certainly weren't overruled in the opening minutes. First attempt on target came from the league one side from [INAUDIBLE].

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, [INAUDIBLE] on a swift counter attack, testing Jakupovic down to his left-hand side. You can see, just trying to wind that ball in off the upright. [INAUDIBLE] front stretch.

ANNOUNCER 1: Rihad Mahrez then kissed the outside of the post. With the goalkeeper kissing the [INAUDIBLE]. And that was the closest Leicester would come in the first half.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah. Inches away from just getting it inside that upright for Mahrez.

ANNOUNCER 1: But before the first half was completed, Jakupovic produced a superb save to deny Dempsey.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yes, as Fleetwood move for that first period, Dempsey with a winding shot that's coming down under the crossbar before Jakupovic gets the all-important fingertips. Uwe Rosler enjoying it. Very unlucky for the away side.

ANNOUNCER 1: But Leicester would go in 1-nil up at halftime. Slimani's pass, a wonderful first touch in the [INAUDIBLE]. And a Vardy-like finish. The pace and the direct run through the heart of the opposition defense.

ANNOUNCER 2: He's got a [INAUDIBLE] quality. They punished the poor defensive header from Bolger, but the pass through Slimani-- the touch-- the first touch. from Iheanacho, to give him the opportunity to get the ball out of his feet, and then slide it through Neal's legs to open the scoring.

ANNOUNCER 1: Into the second half now. You send Slimani would start this attack. He would also have a good attempt, or a good opportunity-- not the best attempt, it has to be said-- to make it 2-nil. But they worked it well between the two of them, Iheanacho and Slimani. Money

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, it combined well because you can see Slimani just opens up that right boot, and he has a floppy right ankle. He doesn't get the contact that he needed to direct the shot, the volley on target.

ANNOUNCER 1: Well, at this stage, Leicester City were really threatening to take a 2-nil lead. And they thought they had here, or at least Iheanacho did briefly. But Lee Vets, the assistant on the far side, raised his flag and immediately went to the video assistant referee, Clive.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, great overlapping romp from Gray. Cuts the ball back, but as you can see, it's a fraction, just millimeters out of play. The whole ball, the whole line. As Iheanacho explains, it was a close one, but it was correct.

ANNOUNCER 1: Iborra, showing his strength in the air, just unable to keep their close-range hitter down, having got the better there of Nathan Pond. In from an old Brighton free kick. Iborra claimed he was held by Nathan Pond. And the video assistant referee had a look at this, but nothing doing at the end.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, there was a couple of contentious decisions, and the referee was able to clarify them. Pond just pulling Iborra back, but not deemed to be a foul. Claude Puel thought it was. Video assistant referee couldn't clarify it, but they certainly clarified this.

ANNOUNCER 1: Yeah. This one was given. Not initially by Lee Vets. But once John Moss went to VAR on this-- and they would have got the message in his ear piece. We're going to be VAR from Mike Jones sitting in an outside studio, and they got it absolutely right.

ANNOUNCER 2: Mahrez passed the timing of the romp from Iheanacho. He is on side, finishes it well. Second goal of the game, which wrapped it up for Leicester City.


ANNOUNCER 1: And the VAR system working very well there for Leicester, and for the referee, who would have just gone with his assistant's flag. Fleet was left disappointed, but it's certainly the new system worked well. And Leicester were home and hosts from there, really. It was just a question of whether they could add to their lead.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, time and time again, Iborra got himself into the penalty. But this time, rises well. Good, direct, powerful header on target.

ANNOUNCER 1: So Leicester City through to the fourth round of the FA Cup. They have more attempts. Not as many on target, though, as Fleetwood. A couple of yellow cards a piece, but generally, again, what was played in an excellent professional spirit.