Nottingham Forest vs. Arsenal | 2017-18 FA Cup Highlights

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Watch full FA Cup Round 3 highlights between Nottingham Forest and Arsenal.

KATE ADBO: Nottingham Forest have just pulled off a huge, upset win over FA Cup holders Arsenal. Here's a look at the full match highlights from City Ground

ALEXI LALAS: It started off great for Nottingham Forest, including Eric Lichaj getting near post, putting it in.

ANALYST: Well, think again, Mertesacker equalizes off the post from Holding with a header. Mertesacker making it 1-1. Game on.

ALEXI LALAS: And then here, Eric Lichaj says, all right, I can do the set piece off the head. But you know what? I want to show a little bit of my skill. This is going to drop to him nicely on the top of the box, bringing off his chest, not even a step.

Oh! Oh, my. He will remember this day for a long time. The result-- two goals in the first half. Not bad. Not bad.

ANALYST: All right. Going into the second half. And just when you think that Arsenal are getting back into this game, Rob Holding just loses his. head. He loses his temper. I don't think he realized that there was a player coming in behind him.

He makes the foul on Cash, who goes down. Up steps Ben Brereton. And this is an excellent penalty kick from [INAUDIBLE] That's a beautifully composed penalty kick from the England under 19 International.

ALEXI LALAS: But Arsenal keep coming. This is just bad goalkeeping. Had a bead on it. Not a problem. In and out of his hands. And Welbeck finishes it off.

ANALYST: And then we thought, maybe it might get interesting. Maybe Arsenal will actually go on and find an equalizer in this game. Think again. This is just pure class. Is it a penalty kick? I guess that's the first question. Was there enough contact on the ball from the Debuchy? He picked up the yellow card. The referee thought so.

But here's the even more controversial point. Two contacts clearly from Kieran Dowell. I think that is a penalty kick that should not have been a penalty kick that was awarded as a goal. Alexi. I just think that that one is something that was missed by the referee. It's controversial to say the least.

- You say clearly, but should we take another look at it to try to get a good look at it?

- Yeah, I mean it's--

- Because I don't find it so clear to see. It's difficult for me--

ALEXI LALAS: No, it is difficult to see. And without VAR, you're-- you're going to have a real hard time calling that because it is so close. But there are two touches there. And the goal should not have counted had video review been in play. They bring this one back, and it goes the other way.

ANALYST: But we have seen it before, Alexi. We've seen it before, and recently, in the Premier League, as well, where referees have noticed that with their eye, and made that decision to not award the goal. You know, it's controversial to me because VAR is now being used in tomorrow's Brighton versus Crystal Palace game. Had it been used today, that's not a goal.

- It's all well and good Arsenal players-- they're complaining, but they simply did not do enough today.

- No, no. It's not because of the double touch that arsenal lost today.

- Yeah, we've got to give a lot of credit to Nottingham Forest. They played very well in this game. They were fun to watch, entertaining. For a team that hadn't scored many goals, they made it count today.