Eric Lichaj scores headed goal against Arsenal for Nottingham Forest | 2017-18 FA Cup Highlights

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Eric Lichaj gave Nottingham Forest a great start against Arsenal with this header.

- Faulty, but think it'll be about Dowell.




Dowell has tried to catch him out. Then he has time.


Who got the last touch?


It's Eric Lichaj who's celebrating.

- Well, he's claiming it, Eric Lichaj, but what a wicked free kick he's just struck now from the right side. The referee's done well to to take it back after trying to give [INAUDIBLE] free kick, rightly so. What an execution from Dowell.


The way he whips it in. Is he offside? Maybe. [INAUDIBLE]


- What a run it is from Eric Lichaj.

- Yeah. He attacks the space he gets him front the goalkeeper, and he gets the all-important final touch in front of the Arsenal goalkeeper [INAUDIBLE] from his header.