West Ham’s Josh Cullen loses tooth after kick to the face, plays on | 2017-18 FA Cup Highlights

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Josh Cullen takes a nasty kick to the face but still decides to play on against Shrewsbury.

- [INAUDIBLE] just on loan from Darby. And he's a left back. Got blood in his mouth [INAUDIBLE]. Ooh. That's a high foot caught in by [INAUDIBLE].

- Yeah, it's a nasty one, isn't it for [INAUDIBLE]. But again, brave. Like I said, he's not shirked his responsibilities. Hope he's got all teeth intact.

- [INAUDIBLE] message back to the dugout is that he has lost a tooth. There it is. It's not lost anymore. Just misplaced.

- No, I was worried about that foot. Josh Cullen, not very nice at all, is it?

- Well, I hope you're not eating Sunday lunch. Oof. Back on. Young Josh Cullen, [INAUDIBLE] cross, [INAUDIBLE] up on it. Clears it away. There's James Bolton. 20 yards away up field for the ball, so it's gone out of play. That's great attitude. I'll tell you what. West Ham fans will love that. You've played for the club there. You know what they're like.