Exeter City vs. West Bromwich Albion | 2017-18 FA Cup Highlights

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Watch full FA Cup Round 3 highlights between Exeter City and West Brom.

COMMENTATOR 1: So that's a disappointing result there for Fulham. A short adventure for them in the FA cup. What about this one? Exeter up against West Brom.

COMMENTATOR 2: Yeah, this is a much needed result for West Brom. Alan Pardew's gone there, not really had the impact he would have hoped. They have got some very good players. And then just tucking it away there. But Exeter always make it difficult. It's a long, long journey to get down there. The pitch is not the best. I've been there myself. Get a little bit fortunate here. Rodriguez tuck it away.

And in the end, they do miss a penalty. But just for their confidence to take that forward into the league. There's no doubt here that it was a penalty. McClean goes down. I'm not so sure about the run-up. Too straight on and very comfortable in the end for the goalkeeper. But Kanu wanted to take this. A bit of confidence, that's where they are. You see the pitch there where he just slips over on it. Exeter, great credit to them, they keep plugging away, but never really had-- had the bit of luck that they need.

COMMENTATOR 3: They even tried to give them one, Warren. Not your day, is it?

COMMENTATOR 2: Nah Scott, look, it's been a-- he's had a rough night.