Shrewsbury Town vs. West Ham United | 2017-18 FA Cup Highlights

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Watch full FA Cup Round 3 highlights between Shrewsbury Town and West Ham United.

ANNOUNCER 1: Chances in the first half here. They look promising at this stage. Brought only actually by West Ham. [INAUDIBLE] comes back in. Kouyate had to wait.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah. It was a really good delivery from Josh Cullen. The young man-- when it comes back out-- delivers a great ball, but not that much movement and Kouyate just couldn't quite get his head on it.

ANNOUNCER 1: And Shrewsbury certainly created more opportunities throughout especially in the first half. [INAUDIBLE] was put forward, well to support.

ANNOUNCER 2: No two very difficult skills. One, to control the flicking up and then also to then try the side volley. Very, very difficult skill. But why not when it comes out? Controls it. Lovely control. But that's a really difficult skill to keep down. Especially it just cuts across it slightly. Sends it over the bar.

ANNOUNCER 1: In 15 years senior pro Mat Sadler has scored eight goals. This would have been his most famous.

ANNOUNCER 2: I mean it's a fantastic save. It really is. I mean he gets a little bit of look when he bounces off but to come to him it's hard and low. The anticipation was brilliant.

ANNOUNCER 1: And within seconds Hart was called upon again, this time to deny Alex Rodman.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah Rodman's done well all games to be honest. Cutting him from that left side. And you can see Joe Hart really does watch that right onto his glove. Because of the sun in his eyes gets down and parries away from any oncoming thrust by the attacker.

ANNOUNCER 1: We're at the end of the half. A moment that typified Shrewsbury. They were the more positive team. Assisted Nolan who played very well for them.

ANNOUNCER 2: I think they got the ball wide and got some good crosses into the box the West Ham dealt with mainly very, very well. Transfer Nolan as it comes back out, which just pulls it wide slightly. Trying to fire it at that near post.

ANNOUNCER 1: But they had more of the ball throughout. They have more efforts on the go. This is the start of the second half. Good cross by Beckles. He really wraps his foot around it and vital clearance by Rice.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah again if the delivery is right it does cause defenders problems and that was just brilliant to wrap his foot around that. No one again was quite anticipating.

ANNOUNCER 1: Shrewsbury Town did have their second half moments when they got very, very scrappy. [INAUDIBLE] with the effort.

ANNOUNCER 2: He really would have fancied this after his goal against Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League a couple of days ago. Quite catchy as he wanted. Great feat to start with, but then as it opens up really just dragged the shot wide, snatches at it.

ANNOUNCER 1: Going wide left footed. Show we had chances late on perhaps to snatch a glorious winner. Get the ball in here. Watch for Nolan in the middle at 20.

ANNOUNCER 2: That really was the best chance of the game. Josh Cullen makes a mistake. Doesn't play his lines and do well to keep the ball in. Comes back to low in the end. He picks the right option. Really does. Pulls it back and it bounces in front. He just couldn't quite keep it down. Has to try harder to hit that in to the ground.

ANNOUNCER 3: I thought they were going to get their first top flight scout since 2002. Mistake by Reece lets him in on the counter, and West Ham Hart's remains.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well it really did open up and if he could he just played that pass a little bit further I think the attack would have gone very, very differently in the end. West Ham actually did well to sniff the chance out.

ANNOUNCER 3: The opportunity went. Begging West Ham held on. I don't think David Moyes will doubt the commitment of his players, but they lack Premier League quality at times. Only four changes. Players who came in should have done better. Shrewsbury, though, all credit to them holding onto this nil-nil scoreline.