Norwich City vs. Chelsea | 2017-18 FA Cup Highlights

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Watch FA Cup Round 3 highlights between Norwich City and Chelsea.

ANNOUNCER 1: Gary Taphouse and Garry Birtles at Carrow Road, talking you through this FA Cup, third round tonight between Norwich City of the championship and Chelsea, the reigning Premier League champions. Well, this was a moment that David Luiz very nearly regretted. He was called in possession by Pritchard.

ANNOUNCER 2: Evans is having a word with Caballero, saying, I didn't want that. Cahill should have been given this. That touch is heavy. And Pritchard, who was [INAUDIBLE] Norwich's best player nearly capitalizes on it.

ANNOUNCER 1: And here, Pritchard did really well against Gary Cahill. Just couldn't find Lewis on the far post.

ANNOUNCER 2: Five minutes' improvisation. Beautifully done. Knew exactly what he wanted to do. But didn't-- didn't take a touch. Puts it straight in a really good area, lucky defending.

ANNOUNCER 1: Well, into the second half, and that was an excellent pull in from Kennedy after Costa trying to get it back across goal.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, it's a carbon copy of the one we've just seen from Pritchard. They get a little bit lucky. Didn't mean to defend it like this. Meant to get a little bit more on it, but just got enough on it to clear these lines. [INAUDIBLE] threats.

ANNOUNCER 1: Well, they're crying out for a shot on target. We got one here through Willian.

ANNOUNCER 2: He was just [INAUDIBLE]. Just going to scrape the outside of the post, but [INAUDIBLE] didn't know that. Got down really well. He was the one man who lived to say second half, who got them going. Skips past that challenge, gets his shot away. Slight deflection. He didn't know it was going wide, gets down really well.

ANNOUNCER 1: Now set piece here. Was whipped in by Madison. And it's eventually going to Pritchard here, who's deflected over.

ANNOUNCER 2: It's touched initially, when it came out of the air. It was really good. Maybe just could have got his shot away a little bit quicker, but still excellent from, for me, their best player.

ANNOUNCER 1: See glimpses of the raw talent of Murphy. That was a dreadful bit of goalkeeping from Caballero, which wasn't punished.

ANNOUNCER 2: When it comes out, nobody near him. It just skims off his glove, and they get lucky. Maybe [INAUDIBLE] with his right foot. It just gets across it and moves on harmelessly wide.

ANNOUNCER 1: Dipping free kick here from David Luiz.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, that's not the worst you'll see. [INAUDIBLE] means it's got really good movement on it. And you see Angus Gunn, he's a little bit worried here. It's across there. Happy to see it just go over the bar.

ANNOUNCER 1: Chelsea certainly pressed in the second half. [INAUDIBLE] here. Seeing his shot saved.

ANNOUNCER 2: It's comfortable for Gunn, isn't it? The greatest defensive head. A good first touch gets you shut away early. It's going wide, but just pares it down.

ANNOUNCER 1: Perhaps the best chance was right at the end, from [INAUDIBLE] Costa.

ANNOUNCER 2: It's a really well struck shot. Just comes off the side of his boot and scrapes the outside of the post. Nice first touch. Good body shape. Goes just wide but going to gain. A little bit worried.