Ashley Barnes gives Burnley the lead vs. Manchester City | 2017-18 FA Cup Highlights

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Ashley Barnes pounces on John Stones' mistake to make it 1-0 for Burnley.

- Able to tidy up for Burnley.

- I'd be just slightly worried if I was Sean Dyche for the positions that David Silva was taking up. Well none of these midfielders picking him up.

- Well, there is a miskick by Stones. And here is Ashley Barnes. Can he finish? He can superbly! And the Premier League leaders are behind!

- Well, we said they've made a few mistakes today, haven't they, Manchester City defensively. But here, John Stones has got to do a lot better than this. I'm not sure what he's thinking. At that stage, you can see there, talking to himself. He knows he's made a huge mistake which has led to the opening goal in this game. [INAUDIBLE] what a finish this is from Ashley Barnes, who just talked about missing the chance here. And it just came from a long ball play downfield from Pope. Sam Pope with a [INAUDIBLE] one, and John Stone's on his weaker left foot. He's got to deal with that better than that. But this is an emphatic finish. You talk about the goalkeepers, you shouldn't be beating at [INAUDIBLE] opposed. But for me, this is just all about the pace of the strike from Ashley Barnes. It's gone past [INAUDIBLE] in an instant. There's a mistake from Stone's chest, head control, should I say. [INAUDIBLE] path, what about that for a strike? Gave the goalkeeper no chance whatsoever. And certainly Burnley at the moment are in dream land.