Virgil van Dijk scores game-winner in Liverpool debut vs. rival Everton

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Watch full FA Cup round 3 highlights between Liverpool and Everton.

REPORTER 1: --against their Merseyside rivals up against Everton. And Mohamed Salah not in the lineup for Liverpool, looking on in the stands. Virgil van Dijk, though, making his first appearance in that Liverpool shirt. And a tensing count on this one from early on.

REPORTER 2: And a soft penalty. Holgate gets too close. Lallana does go down easily. But as soon as you put your arm around, the referee has to make a decision. And probably in the modern game that is a penalty.

REPORTER 3: Yeah, he saw it. And Milner stepped up, very cool. No problems.

REPORTER 2: I thought their movement in the first half was very, very pitiful in the final third, for me. Now who's getting involved? Lallana, but this is just stupid, it's naivety. Call it what you like, but we actually still don't get a yellow card. That's--

REPORTER 3: Nothing!

REPORTER 2: Because he could have been seriously--

REPORTER 3: Dangerous, that's dangerous!

REPORTER 2: At this point, that's why I think the referee just lost it here. Never going to win the ball. And this is a little bit of frustration because, for me, that was taking him into different areas. Lallana just giving away the penalties. Well, for the young player, has to learn, has to be a bit more cool.

REPORTER 1: Yes, some ugly scenes throughout Liverpool with a free kick, eh?

REPORTER 3: Some of them pretty, too.

REPORTER 2: Should score.

REPORTER 3: Yup! But he provides a threat, and a consistent threat. Maybe a glimpse of things to come.

REPORTER 1: Everton not entirely without chances either.

REPORTER 2: Nope. Again, counts are tight. They win this, and this is big Jagielka. Look at him at the top of the screen. I didn't think he could run that fast, the big fella.


But they do. They keep the ball alive. And Dijk is trying to get back. A good counter tech play as the ball was late. But this is a wonderful finish, very, very calm. Watch out for this in the World Cup. Because he's an excellent player from set pieces. But there just shows his composure.

Could have been a foul here, but look at the numbers how they get forward. And as I said, that's his big Jagielka. There's enough red shirts, but no one really dominates at the background.

REPORTER 3: Yup. And the end, incredible counter. Just waiting late and right at the top of the box, he knows exactly what he's going to do.

REPORTER 1: Defense still Liverpool's biggest issue?

REPORTER 2: I think it was quite solid today. They got asked a lot of questions, but wonderful. Did we pick for new-- If you're going to come out, you've got to take the whole lot. You can't come out from the back of people, but that's what dreams are made of.

Imagine how he feels now. You know, that big price tag. Get the game out of the way. Win a winning goal. Club obviously delighted with everybody at the stadium.