Pep Guardiola criticizes Premier League schedule: ‘We’re going to kill’ the players

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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola speaks out following several injuries during a busy holiday schedule.

[MUSIC PLAYING] - What they saw or everybody see in the last weeks, no, how many injuries, the players, they have. So we're going to kill them.

- So I think the federation-- I don't know who are the bosses-- they have to reflect a little bit. That is not normal, guys, to play 31st and 2. It's impossible to be 48 hours before one game like football to recover. That is not basketball. That is not tennis, like, you can play every day or every two days.

Here, the players need recovery. Just to see how many players, their muscular injuries in that period. It doesn't matter. The show must go on. And here in England, don't protect the players. And that is a big mistake.

So you have to look for the quality, not the quantity. And you can play every three, four, or five days, but not play every two days. Because, at the end, what happened with Kyle Walker or yesterday another player or another one.