1899 Hoffenheim vs. VfB Stuttgart | 2017-18 Bundesliga Highlights

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Matchday 16 highlights between Hoffenheim and Stuttgart.

ANNOUNCER 1: Man, they're in form. Another team that's in form recently, Hoffenheim. Earlier kickoff today was Hoffenheim at home to Stuttgart. And of course, they created a good chance. Stuttgart almost got the opening goal from Ozcan.

ANNOUNCER 2: Difficult angle there. Baumann comes up, makes the stop.

ANNOUNCER 1: One player who's been in form for Hoffenheim this season has been Mark Uth. He gets his goal.

ANNOUNCER 3: They left it late, but they needed it after their loss last weekend. Stuck with it, Uth finding this seventh goal, or eighth goal of the season. Uth has been doing really well for Hoffenheim, but get the win with this one.

ANNOUNCER 1: Deadly finish from an empty net. 6 yards out. Marc Uth, Julian Nagelsmann celebrating in style. Hoffenheim finding their winning ways yet again. They thought they had another goal in this game, but it was pulled back. Was this off side, or was it not? [INAUDIBLE]

ANNOUNCER 2: Uh, looks on side from there.

ANNOUNCER 3: Looks on side from there.

ANNOUNCER 2: From the human perspective.

ANNOUNCER 1: But I think what they're saying is there was only one--