NK Maribor vs. Sevilla | 2017-18 UEFA Champions League Highlights

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Watch highlights between NK Maribor and Sevilla.

ANNOUNCER 1: --for money.

ANNOUNCER 2: About money-- four goals in his last four games in all comps. To Slovenia, we go-- 10th minute. Maribor on top.

ANNOUNCER 1: Here's the good.


There it is.

ANNOUNCER 2: You know it's coming now.

ANNOUNCER 1: On the far post.

ANNOUNCER 2: All right, so that was the good, right, Warren?

ANNOUNCER 1: And then we got a little bit of that coming up.

ANNOUNCER 2: A little bit?

ANNOUNCER 1: Closing down.

ANNOUNCER 2: Oh my goodness.

ANNOUNCER 1: And closed the ball down. There's pressure--

ANNOUNCER 2: Close your eyes.

ANNOUNCER 1: Bad pressure.



ANNOUNCER 1: Here comes the ugly.

ANNOUNCER 2: Gonso with a shot outside. Oh no!


ANNOUNCER 2: No. Oh. Yeah, there was some sort of divine intervention. So Liverpool and Sevilla confirm their place in the knockout-stage. Spartak off to the Europa League.