Liverpool vs. Spartak Moscow | 2017-18 UEFA Champions League Highlights

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Watch highlights between Liverpool and Spartak Moscow.

ANNOUNCER 1: All aboard the highlight train. Next stop, Liverpool. Get ready for goals.

ANNOUNCER 2: Beautiful, beautiful play. In, out.

ANNOUNCER 3: Oh, smooth.

ANNOUNCER 1: Oh. Coutinho-- that's his second of the day already. He had one in the fourth, this one in The 15th.

ANNOUNCER 2: With all the major players that are up top, when we talk about this scoring machine. Sometimes you do patterns to goal without defenders. Looked a little like that, although there were--

ANNOUNCER 3: Fab Four, they're called. You know that.

ANNOUNCER 1: Firmino with his sixth Champions League goal. 3-0. 18-- it's just 18th minute. Let's go to the second half. James Milner on.

ANNOUNCER 2: Wonderful cross from way outside. Go ahead.

ANNOUNCER 3: No, stop it!

ANNOUNCER 2: It's so pretty.

ANNOUNCER 1: I love this.

ANNOUNCER 2: So pretty.

ANNOUNCER 1: A ham-bone.

ANNOUNCER 3: He's on fire.

They keep going.

ANNOUNCER 1: Let's give Coutinho a hat trick, shall we? His first ever for the Reds.

ANNOUNCER 3: He started as captain as well. He looks happy now. Does he stay?

ANNOUNCER 1: Should I stay?

ANNOUNCER 3: It's a song, is it?

ANNOUNCER 1: Mane, again in the 76th.

ANNOUNCER 2: It's not easy. It's not easy.

ANNOUNCER 1: Behind him?

ANNOUNCER 3: It looked like we fast forward that, as well. How quick are they when they do go forward?

ANNOUNCER 1: Mohamed Salah, the extra point is--

ANNOUNCER 2: Oh, no, he didn't turn it back, did he? Oh, he did.

ANNOUNCER 3: Buy of the season.