Toronto FC vs. Columbus Crew SC | 2017 MLS Playoff Highlights

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Watch full second leg highlights between Toronto FC and Columbus Crew SC.

- Higuain needs someone to pass the ball to. Slipping it in finding Kamara, they've got Meram up on the far side. Justin Meram takes the touch and [INAUDIBLE] gonna get there.

- This is what they're looking for. Justin Meram was cut out, Mavinga was cut out. Kamara does so well but its the touch from Meram, it lets him down. He takes it across his body.

- I try to bring and MLS cup here to Toronto. Vazquez, the corner [INAUDIBLE] looking penalty for Toronto.

- It's right call, John. You can see initially Drew Moor got inside of Josh Williams.

- One of the newcomers of the year in MLS against one of the bright young goalkeepers in American Soccer. Saved again! The legend continues. I never liked penalty takers taking a quick one or two steps, it makes it too obvious for the goalkeeper.

- Trying to hold off Mensah. Able to do so. Altidore. Victor Vazquez drives [INAUDIBLE] What a leg!

- Jozy Altidore here leaves Williams stranded, he can't get his feet right. And once Jozy's in that position there's only one outcome. 1-0 Toronto.

- Is going to be coming on as well. But the corner is taken first, Jahn throwing his body up there. Pedro Santos missed hitting it. Flag stand down as Manneh was able to keep himself onside. Santos again run in. It's back and it's over the bar from Justin Meram.

- Cooper is back out there. Meram. Higuain bringing it down, cutting it back a little bit of contact there. What's that? Meram stepping back in to win it. Meram's cross running from Jahn was sliding through.

- Great play by Meram to keep going with the ball, and this cross is excellent. Adam Jahn gets there first. Higuain rolling it back into play. Harrison Afful blocked by Justin Meram. That's it. Toronto wins.

- MLS Cup for a second straight year. Contested here on the frozen tundra. BMO field. The question now is against who. Toronto FC 1, Columbus Crew, 0.